About The Dojo


The Dojo is a place where I collect experiences and cultivate myself through daily practice. I use The Dojo to help me organize my thoughts about matters close to my heart: Aikido, Science, and being a Teacher. Although I teach as a profession, I consider myself, first and foremost a student.

So, who am I then? Short story is that I’m a physics and chemistry university professor, a 5 dan aikido shidoin (Aikikai), and a science nerd.

A couple of places worth visiting:

Lunds Aikidoklubb My physical Aikido dojo

Lundsaikidoklubb Dojo Instagram

jakob_blomquist_aikido My private aikido instagram profile

Jakob Blomquist My Facebook account.

J.Blomquist My YouTube account

Malmo University My physical Science Lab and Teachers Corner

(Photo by Morgan Burke, Creative Commons License)

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